Our Works


Although the main bulk of our work consists of pool shells we also offer our services in the construction of tanks, reservoirs and basements.

All of our pool shells are constructed to BS8007 which is the British standard for water retaining structures and they are all water tested once concreting is complete and prior to any render or tanking being applied.

We have a great deal of experience in every kind of swimming pools from competition pools to small spa pools as well as domestic garden pools to local authority swimming pools.


  • Arrive on site to find excavation dug and concrete blinding to base
  • Set out the pool to architects drawings
  • Construct shutter to form the pool shape and size
  • Fix steel reinforcement to walls and floor
  • Install all fittings
  • Spray concrete to walls and floor and finish to commendable standard
  • Remove all shuttering and leave pool ready for water test